There are few things Ben enjoys more than time in the studio.  With his eyes on the careers of bassists like Lee Sklar, James Jamerson, Edgar Meyer, Carol Kaye, Charles Mingus, Abraham Laboriel, and Cachao, he has set his sights high in the sky, hoping to collaborate with musicians from every corner of the globe. At the end of the day, he is here to make your project groove - forever.

  • Preparation. From the first scratch track, through the development of the part, to the finalized chart, I am ready to execute. Be it one take, or twenty, rest assured that I show up having put in the work to bring out the best in your tune. 

  • Big Ears.  I draw musical inspiration from people and places all over the world.  Constantly listening to new ideas,  I strive to improve my abilities by studying the work of those who groove hard.  I like to think thats where my sound comes from - the ever changing experience of life.

  • Humility. There can be no ego when it comes to the groove. I understand that my job is to develop a tasteful addition to your project, in the way you want. I am here to listen and collaborate, not compete. 

  • Professionalism.  I am always on time, use good gear, and show up ready play. Whether you are a singer-songwriter, an established band, or selling jingles, no two projects are the same. You can trust that each time you bring me on board, I will tailor my skill set to suit your needs. 

  • Satellite Services. In today's globalized music community, collaboration can happen happen across town, or across continents. Embracing the power of today's recording technology and acknowledging that sometimes all parties just cant be in the same place at the same time, I am proud offer high fidelity tracking services directly from my studio to yours - wherever that may be. 

One Take

In the era of copy and paste, Ben prides himself on being a player who can execute full takes with confidence. Take a listen to some of his previous studio work, all of which were recorded live.