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"As composer of much of the material being explored by Wyldlyfe, I am fortunate to have Galen, Mike and Ben as collaborators....Ben gives everything he has in mining the possibilities of any given piece. He has a great sound, excellent intonation and a very solid time-feel. There appear to be no boundaries to his creativity, whether (for example) negotiating an odd time signature, venturing into the space of free improvisation, or just finding that pocket. 
Recruiting Ben for Wyldlyfe also involved an estimation of his potential for musical adaptability and growth. His progress has been remarkable and swift. He's organized, reliable and works hard. It will come as no surprise when he becomes a prominent mainstay of whatever scene he chooses to inhabit."
David Tidball
Band Leader

"Ben Lee has been a pleasure to work with.  He has provided excellent musicianship, organizational skills, and leadership with the San Diego Songwriters House Band.  Having a house band learn and perform original music backing up local songwriters is a challenge.  Ben was the member who could quickly evaluate and update charts for the house band and lead them during the live performances.  
As a bass player Ben is not only very talented, he also is quick at learning the songs, sensitive about supporting the song’s feel, helping the other band members in a diplomatic way, and providing a positive group dynamic. 
Ben is punctual, responsive, always rehearsed and ready to play, and makes the performer’s job easier. Ben is the consummate music professional."

-- Cliff Keller
San Diego Songwriters, Director
The KellersGuitarist/vocalist/songwriter

"Working with Ben [in the studio] was a pleasure from start to finish. He came completely prepared, helped with recording setup and nailed his part quickly.  Highly recommended."
Jeremy Fisch
St. Tropez,

"If you are looking for a bass player with a solid pocket, who will learn all your songs, be reliable, and bring a great energy to the show, Ben is the man. A great musician, creative, and absolutely professional!"
-- Sherri Anne
Sister Speak

"I have performed, recorded, and composed with Ben for 7 years, and I have seen him put his mind, body, and soul into each musical endeavor. If I were to choose one word that best describes his music, it would be "passiopenticulous!"  With a present, full energy, he is as passionate as parents caring for children; with a pure love for creation.  Open to all sounds,  he is meticulous with every detail necessary to building a tune.  With clear ideas, an open ear, an open heart, and a warm soul, he has a masterful mind that can manage the flow of events necessary to produce in the studio, on the stage, or in the garage."
-- Oscar Carranza

"It’s difficult to summarize eight years of working with Ben Lee in a few sentences, but the journey has been wonderful.  Having worked with him on countless studio sessions, a mountain of original compositions, and at least as many live gigs, I can say he is an excellent bassist that pours his heart into his work. We have had the pleasure of playing together  in the the jazz, reggae, and latin musical spheres; and every time Ben has locked in a groove and impressed me with his musicianship. All in all he’s a great bassist, composer, and friend, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future."
-- Steven Carter