As a studio musician, performer, educator, and composer, Benjamin Lee is fiercely dedicated to artistic excellence, professionalism, and community.  


The TOaG Quartet Drops Third Live Album: THE SEED AND SPEAR

Greetings fellow sonic travelers!
We are honored to be in this space together,
and invite you to listen
to our third live album,
The Seed and Spear.

In these wild times we are living in,
we hope this sampling of our music
inspires a momentary glimpse of
the inevitable future we can create together:
one that is just, green, and joyful
for life on this planet.

Onward we march, hand in hand,
knowing we may not reach victory
in this lifetime or the next.
What a gift it is to exist together!
What awe-inspiring power has been passed to us!

We hope you will join us in celebration :)

#theseedandspear #thetoagquartet #letsinventthefuturetogether #toagalbumrelease

From March 13th to May 18th 2024, The TOaG Quartet is on the road celebrating the upcoming release of our newest live record “The Seed and Spear!”  For 9 weeks and 8000 miles, we will be community building across the USA and Canada through a combination of public performances, private performances, recording sessions, and educational clinics. 

The word

"There have been those who have been based more in the groove traditions of players like James Jamerson, those who lean more toward the straight ahead stylings of folks like Ron Carter or Charles Mingus, and then there are the cats who show skill in both camps.
Ben is one such cat..." (full testimonial)
-- Ricky Carter
Session Drummer, Producer

"...He always shows up more prepared then anyone else, and shreds the charts on anything that's put in front of him. I wish I had an extra band so that I could hire him full-time!" (full testimonial)
-- Alex Taite
SF Opera, Vocalist/Composer


"...[Ben is] patient, deeply knowledgeable about the bass and its history, and connected on an emotional level with me while infusing our lessons with great faith in my ability to improve, in spite of my lack of experience. 5 stars isn't enough!" (full testimonial)
-- Christina Mitra 
Private Bass Student

"As for as music instructors go, Ben Lee is hands down at the top of the list. He has been instructing our  son for 5 years now on upright bass and we've seen my sons technical abilities and music theory grow at an astonishing rate..." (full testimonial) 
-- Johnny Jones, Parent


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